Spice Stellar 360 review: A budget phone with rich dividends

Jul 26 2014, 14:03 IST
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Spice Stellar 360 is priced at Rs 4,799. Spice Stellar 360 is priced at Rs 4,799.
SummarySpice Stellar 360 can fool anyone into believing that it is a premium product.

The Spice Stellar 360 is a happy communion between the classic QWERTY keyboard and a 3.5 inch capacitive touch screen.

It is aesthetically pleasing to look at and also hold in your hands. Turn the phone sideways and you will notice the subtle curves running along the length of the phone.

They look like they have been aerodynamically shaped in a wind tunnel used by Formula One teams. It is crowned with a rectangular silver rim, which is sandwiched between the back flap and the screen.

The phone can fool anyone into believing that it is a premium product. The review piece that we received was pearly white and was complemented by small silvery strips, neatly separating the rows of keys on the keypad. It also comes with capacitive buttons placed just where the screen ends and before the keypad begins.

However, not everything is Stellar with the 360. The pricing of the phone means that Spice has to cut corners somewhere and it leaves us with a touchscreen without Gorilla protection. And in 2014 that is not a compromise people are willing to live with.

Then again for a entry-level phone it has a proximity sensor and an accelerometer, which is a win!

The qwerty keypad has very tightly packed keys but there is more to this Stellar piece than meets the eye. The keys are slightly bummed and it is comfortable to type using both hands. You can also rest your thumbs by tilting the phone horizontally and using the onscreen touchpad.

Performance-wise the phone functioned without any major glitch. However, the occasional hiccups persists like apps crashing or the browser window freezing. The clock-speed of its dual-core processor is 1.3 GHz and it banks on a 512 MB RAM.

Stellar 360′s camera may not be its crown jewel but it is not its Achilles heel either. The 3.2 MP camera at the back may miss most of the details in a photo frame, but asking more from it would be similar to asking a fish to climb a tree. It is at least packed with features like 99 shots (burst mode) and time-lapse.

The bundled earphones we received were either faulty or they were meant to spew static.

Verdict: The Stellar 360 is an inexpensive investment that will yield rich dividends. The piece might look a tad bigger in size but it is a tailor fit for your pant’s front pockets. The cherry on top is that

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