Women technologists come to the fore

Dec 17 2012, 00:35 IST
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SummaryEleven years back when I entered the Information Technology field, I rarely used to see women around.

on to a talent is what differentiates between a good company and great company,” said Vaidyanathan of Microsoft, who heads the application development centre. He felt that it is very difficult to compare the scene with the past as this sector has emerged only recently and women participation at his centre is robust.

According to Vaidyanathan certain genre of apps like education, kids, family and social apps are made better and more relevant by women. “Women bring in new perspective. They have an eye for holes in products. Other attributes like being more organised than men and being good at multi tasking make women good at design and project management. And top talent has no gender, so it is good to have good representation of women,” said Rashmi Mohan, senior manager, Yahoo Labs India.

“Software development is knowledge-based or more cerebral in nature. And it is result oriented. The concept of being in office in the connected world and cloud is becoming increasingly irrelevant,” said Priya Chetty Rajagopal, vice- president, Stanton Chase, which focuses on executives.

As the developers can solve the customer issues over telephone or internet even while they are not at desk or beyond the normal working hours helping women to go home early and still do some part of work from home helping them find a better balance between their work and life. Most companies allow their employees flexible working hours to retain talent.

“It has more global orientation than many other fields. The MNCs cannot have different gender policy which is unfavourable to women in certain countries making the woman on par with their colleagues in other developed markets,” added Rajagopal. According to her this has forced many Indian companies, most of whom serve global clients, adopt the global practices sooner than later.

There is always a push for women at senior levels in technology to move more towards a communications or managerial positions citing that they are good at communicating and team building. Even that system is changing slowly. This is now more an option if they are done with writing codes rather than a systemic push according to Rajagopal of Stanton Chase.

“Pay is much better in technology, especially in India. And maths and science are elite subjects and are the favourite subjects of middle classes, helping it attain a better status in India than in the west. This has made it possible for the women to enter

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